Shipping Boxes

Custom-designed shipping boxes are widely known for their durability and utility. All over the world, these boxes are the first choice for the transportation of export and import products.

Extra protective slits, fencing, and cushion sleeves can also be added to enable them to carry fragile items. Not only do they serve as a perfect product carrier, but they also come in very handy to preserve your stray items in your lockers and storage rooms. These boxes are also very useful in offices and retail businesses.

These Shipping Boxes are available in all shapes and sizes and can be customized in numerous ways to fulfill your requirements. Get in touch today.

Additional information

Dimensions All sizes and shapes are accepted. We provide unparalleled support for your custom size and shape requirements.
Colours Full colour CMYK / PMS Pantone colors available
Stock Kraft recycled stock, Corrugated (micro-flute, E-flute, B-flute, 3-Ply, 5-Ply)
Coating Options Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV, Soft Touch Lamination
Premium Coating Options Die-cut window, Gold/Silver foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink
Proofing * Free hard copy proofing is available on all finalized orders. No risk, review the physical sample of your own product before receiving the full volume of production
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Shipping Box

Shipping Boxes

What is a shipping box?

It is a packaging made of corrugated fiberboard. Moreover, its bottom and lid form characteristic flaps that can be locked or secured with adhesive tape. Furthermore, the Shipping boxes are most often referred to as “cardboard boxes” too. They are easily available on pintail wave. They are of good quality. Moreover, it also gives the best kind of support. Hence it has become a necessity for every delivery business.

The most important feature of them is their ease of assembly. Thereafter, thanks to the fact that their two side walls are glued together in the production process. Furthermore, this type of packaging is delivered unassembled to occupy less space.

Furthermore, they are most often used as secondary packaging or in the transport of large-sized items. For instance; home decor stuff. In addition, these shipping boxes in London are on an upward trend.

Which one of them to use?

There are five common box styles. Moreover, here we describe what they are. What Custom shipping boxes are best suited for, in order of our sales volume of each:

  • Tab Locking Box ;

These are the boxes we recommend the most and sell the most. However, this is the classic presentation-style box that is used by many brand-conscious e-commerce businesses. In order to create a wonderful unboxing experience for the customer. Furthermore, their logo and branding look great on the lid of the box. As you can get shipping boxes near me too. However, the locking tabs create a clean seal for the box. The custom cardboard boxes get the sealing tape on the bottom corner of the box versus the top edge of a Literature.

  • Literature Mailer;

The shipping box style can be used for the same items. Because the material footprint is essentially the same, we offer the same price for LMs and TLs. Thus, for most customers, the choice between a TL and LM is based on aesthetic preference. However, the LM is quicker to assemble due to the lid folding into the box versus the TL’s two tabs that fold into slots.

  • Regular Slotted Container;

These are the traditional industrial box seen throughout life. Moreover, think of moving boxes and Amazon boxes. Each side has a tab that folds over and the seam is taped shut on the top and bottom of the box. Many customers use RSCs when packing wrapped fragile items in packaging paper or packing heavy items such as books, liquids, or ceramics. You can get custom shipping boxes wholesale in London.

  • Five-Panel Folder;

Very similar in design to the RSC. Moreover, FPFs have an extra inside flap that reinforces the structural integrity of the box. You can also get discounts if you get them from custom shipping boxes wholesale. Furthermore, his design is best for tall or long items such as a wooden sculpted Statue of Liberty, a skyscraper model, or a baseball bat.

  • One Panel Fold;

They are a class all by itself. The OPF is a great box for slim to flat items such as picture frames, prints, books, and jump ropes. However, the OPF flaps each fold around the product and meets on the backside of the box. Hence, creating a very clean front panel with no seams.

Why is cardboard used for packaging?

The cardboard packaging is excellent. Furthermore, cost-effective solution for various storage and packaging needs. Moreover, offering a surprisingly high level of protection. custom shipping boxes in California USA. Cardboard boxes and cardboard drums are great value, incredibly versatile, and environmentally friendly.

In addition, you can use cardboard packaging for a wide variety of goods and products, and, as a business; you can lower your bills and carbon footprint. While using shipping boxes you can ensure that products reach your customers intact.

Cardboard packaging for shipping is incredibly versatile and offers a fantastic range of uses. The primary goal of cardboard packaging is to protect goods (usually solid items). That needs to be stored. Moreover, transported.

This is a broad way to look at cardboard packaging. This is because the reality is that cardboard can be used to store everything from electrical goods to household items. In addition, Companies use cardboard boxes to ship products in bulk. Furthermore, businesses can get them from shipping boxes wholesale. Businesses pack up orders in cardboard to ensure they reach their customers in one piece. Since the security of customers’ goods is the topmost priority.

Custom Cardboard Boxes can be used to store food and drink (cardboard milk cartons, for instance), and in particular cases, cardboard drums are even used to transport hazardous chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and dangerous waste. The list goes on – cardboard boxes are used by individuals, small-scale businesses, and massive industrial companies. If an item needs to be shipped. It can probably be shipped in these shipping boxes.

Is Cardboard Eco-Friendly?

One of the biggest advantages of cardboard packing is that it’s eco-friendly. However, cardboard boxes can often be reused more than once. But if they can’t they can be recycled into new products. This isn’t just a bonus for the environment, but it helps cardboard suppliers to keep costs down through recycling, which helps businesses source cheaper cardboard for their storage and transport needs.

Choosing Cardboard packaging over other materials such as plastic helps businesses lower their carbon footprint and, ultimately, build a more sustainable, environmentally friendly brand those eco-conscious customers can be proud to work with.


Cardboard packaging is a surprisingly durable packaging material that can be used to safely store and transport a wide range of goods and products. Cardboard packaging is cost-effective, versatile, and, most importantly of all, environmentally friendly.

Hence these shipping boxes have made themselves a necessity. Their amazing qualities have left us with no choice. But to keep up with its trend. Moreover, they have become a game-changer in the market. It has helped businesses boom. Even startup businesses. I would suggest each one of you opt for this tactic. You can get them. Furthermore, they will help you boom your sales.


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