Custom Die Cut Postcards

Custom Die-cut Postcards are even customized form which truly represents one’s choice and is symbolic as well. You have the choice to get a postcard of your own choice printed. There is no restriction on the design and color.

You just imagine a design and we will print it according to your requirements. All cards are cut with Cutting edge precision so you get exactly the same thing that you have desired. Lamination can be done on your order to make the card durable.

Additional information

Dimensions All sizes and shapes are accepted. We provide unparalleled support for your custom size and shape requirements.
Colours Full colour CMYK / PMS Pantone colors available
Stock 300 gsm card stock, 250 gsm card stock, 400 gsm card stock, 450 gsm card stock, 600 gsm card stock, SBS card stocks and Kraft recycled stock, Textured card stock, Coated and uncoated stocks,special colour stocks, rainbow colour card stocks,
Coating Options Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV, Soft Touch Lamination
Premium Coating Options Die-cut window, Gold/Silver foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink
Proofing * Free hard copy proofing available on all finalized orders. No risk, review physical sample of your own product before receiving full volume of production
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Why Your Business Needs Our Custom Die Cut Postcards

You know how important first impressions are? Your company’s marketing materials are crucial when attempting to reach out to potential clients or keep in touch with current ones. Postcards that are generic and one size fits all just won’t do. What you need are custom die cut postcards to make a memorable impact.

Die cut postcards are cut into unique shapes that instantly grab attention. Whether it’s a circle, star, or another distinctive form, die cut postcards stand out from the stacks of square cards people receive every day. The unusual silhouette piques interest right away. But shape alone isn’t enough. Custom printing and design allow you to feature eye-catching visuals and a compelling message tailored to your business and audience.

If you want your business to be unforgettable, custom die cut postcards are a small investment that can yield big results. They transform a basic direct mail piece into a work of art that wows recipients and achieves a higher response rate. In today’s competitive market, you need every advantage to build brand awareness, drive traffic, increase sales, and boost customer loyalty. Custom die cut postcards provide that clever, creative edge to cut through the clutter.

Stand Out From the Crowd with Unique Shapes

Custom die cut postcards are one of the most eye-catching direct mail pieces you can use. Their unique shapes immediately capture attention and make your message more memorable.

When potential customers sift through their mail, your die cut postcard will stand out from the stack of boring rectangular pieces. Suddenly, their curiosity is piqued—they have to see what’s inside this interestingly-shaped mailer! Once they open it up, your bold design has already done half the work of getting your postcard noticed.

Die cutting also gives you more creative freedom to shape your postcard into whatever form best fits your brand or message. Want a speech bubble to highlight a testimonial? A star to announce a sale? Or maybe a map of your local area to promote your business location? There are countless options.

Die cut postcards are the best option for grabbing your audience’s attention and sticking out in a sea of mail. Their eye-catching shapes and forms will make your message unforgettable. And in today’s highly competitive market, that can make all the difference in growing your business.

Increased Brand Visibility with Pintail Wave Packaging

Custom die cut postcard is memorable and help your brand stand out. When potential customers are bombarded with hundreds of ads a day, you need an eye-catching mailer to grab their attention.

Die cut postcards are cut into unique shapes that make them irresistible to open. Receiving an intricately shaped mailer sparks curiosity about what’s inside. Once opened, the recipient will remember your brand and the experience. Studies show that unusual or unexpected ads are more memorable, and die cut designs create that effect.

Increased Interaction

Die-cut postcards encourage interaction and sharing. Recipients will show friends and family the unique design, spreading brand awareness. They’re more likely to display a memorable mailer on their fridge or desk, creating ongoing exposure. Interacting with and sharing your ad leads to higher engagement and response rates.

Premium Perception

High-quality, custom die-cut mailers convey a premium, luxury brand image. The extra time, effort, and cost that goes into a custom design and die-cut process signal to recipients that your company values quality and customer experience. This perception of premium status and quality builds brand credibility and loyalty.

High Open and Response Rates

The novelty of receiving an unusually-shaped item of mail piques most people’s curiosity. Studies show that die-cut postcards achieve open rates of 90% or higher, significantly greater than standard direct mail pieces. Their interactive, tactile nature also leads to higher engagement and response rates.

Brand Awareness

Custom die cuts are an opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality innovatively. Work with your designer to incorporate your logo, color palette, and key brand elements into the postcard’s shape and graphics. Repeat customers will come to associate that unique shape and style with your business, even from a glance. Use die cuts regularly as part of your marketing campaigns to reinforce your brand in the minds of current and potential customers.

Targeted Messaging

Targeted messaging is key to an effective direct mail campaign. When you use custom die cut postcards, you have the opportunity to craft messaging that speaks directly to your target audience.

Tailor Your Offer

With a custom design, you can highlight an offer, product, or service that will resonate most with your intended recipients. Mention their specific needs, desires, or pain points that your business solves. Focusing your message on what matters most to them will capture their attention.

Share Relevant Images

Select eye-catching images that your target audience will relate to and value. For example, if promoting an eco-friendly product to environmentally-conscious consumers, show images of renewable materials or natural scenes. For a family-focused offer, use pictures of happy, smiling families. Images that emotionally connect with your audience will make a bigger impact.


You’ve seen why investing in custom die cut postcards can be a game changer for any business. They demand attention, spark curiosity, and create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. When done right, they position your company as innovative, creative, and willing to go the extra mile.

While postcards may seem old-fashioned, custom die cuts make them exciting and new. They cut through the clutter and ensure your message is seen. They turn your marketing into an experience and give people a reason to share photos of your unique design on social media.

The extra cost and effort are well worth it for the huge impact they make. Don’t get left behind – take the plunge and unleash the power of custom die cut postcards USA. Your business and customers will thank you for your vision and ingenuity. Stand out, get noticed, and watch the results roll in. The future is now, so go get your die on!




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